Month: February 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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My personal journey with CoalCreative began on Sunday, October 9, 2016 as the Director of Business Development for CoalCreative. My first task? Painting the entire new studio with Owner/CEO, Gerard Durling. We turned on Facebook LIVE and streamed the first couple hours of painting. Over the next few weeks, we laid out a plan of …

Roundboy Oven’s New Website!

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CoalCreative is excited to launch RoundBoy Ovens new website! Thanks to the video and website design team at CoalCreative, they were able to craft a uniquely functional website for this company. Roundboy Outdoor Products provide their customers with specialized flame outdoor ovens and accessories. The new website features shopping capabilities, about the company information, FAQ, …

United Way of Wyoming Valley

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The United Way of Wyoming Valley is an organization that CoalCreative loves being able to work with. Last year, our team was able to participate in the Day of Caring, which is a day where the United Way sets up multiple volunteer opportunities for groups and organizations. The volunteer projects include landscaping, painting, cleaning, maintenance, beautification, …