Month: June 2015

A Look at Your Marketing Department.

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Your marketing department is your company. Love it or hate it— marketing is how, and why your business thrives. Marketing keeps your business fresh, introduces new clients, keeps current clients in the loop, and creates revenue. And whether you’re actively focused on it or not— you’re still marketing your business to current and potential clients in this very moment. A …

Our Summer Interns are bringing something BIG to NEPA

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Coal Creative always scores driven, intelligent interns. Last semester, Steve and Tre took their project ZU, on Thursday Nights at The Woodlands, to the next level. Their success is derived by virtue of a Wilkes University education- but also because our area continues to produce high quality people. In our opinion, interns, and the demographic they …

Support Local Music & We’ll Buy You a Drink

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Northeastern Pennsylvania is home to some of the best musicians alive. There’s a long list of them who’ve “made it,” and another list of hometown natives who continue to kill it globally— but fame isn’t the point. What about NEPA’s strengths, abilities, and creative spirit? Turn any corner, go into any of NEPA Scene’s open …